Betta Shipping Information

Tail Biting:

Long-finned bettas including halfmoons, doubletail halfmoons, veiltails, and crowntails can reach their tails and therefor it is a possibility for them to bite their fins during shipping. PWW Bettas is not responsible for tail biting once shipped, and will not apply any refunds or credits as a result. 

If your fish bites its tail after being photographed but before being shipped, we will reach out to you before shipping and offer cancelation or an exchange for a different fish. We will never send a fish that has tail bitten without the buyer being aware. 

Bettas tails will re-grow when bitten. 



Bettas are imported between 4-6 months of age from our breeders. We compete a brief quarantine and preventative medication process before listing and shipping the bettas. Most bettas are listed on our website within 2-4 weeks of being imported. 



Any type of betta that has marbling which can include "marble", "koi", "fancy", "bi-color" colorations can change colors. We sell young bettas generally between 4-6 months of age, which means their color can continue to develop as they age.

We have no control over how a fish marbles after purchase, but if the marbling is significant between the time the fish is photographed and the time we ship to you, we will reach out and give updated photos to ensure the buyer is aware.


Betta Images

Any bettas that are listed with a number code (such as M1234) are individually photographed. This means we ship the exact fish in the photo. Some bettas such as wild types may be sold under sample images. These listings have no number codes associated with them in the listing title. These sample images are taken by us in house from our stocking. This is done due to there being little variation between individual fish of that type. The fish that is shipping will look like the photo besides minor variation among individuals.