Biosecurity and Fish Health

Why is Biosecurity Important? 

While here at PNW Bettas we do our best to prevent sickness from entering our fish room, adequately quarantining new fish, and choosing reputable suppliers for fish, we recognize that not everything is in our control. 

When fish are imported from other countries they are coming from an unfamiliar location, where we do not have control over health practices. Even when fish appear completely healthy, proper measures can be taken to reduce possible risks. 

PNW Bettas Biosecurity Protocols

-Water changes have no-cross contamination of fish. No shared siphons or nets are used. This helps reduce spread of disease in the occurrence of a sick fish
-Jars are sanitized heavily between fish. After a fish has sold, the jar it was in is heavily cleaned before adding another fish. This is done by scrubbing with hot water followed by adequate exposure with 70%+ ethanol, which is effective against many pathogens including mycobacterium.
-Fish are subjected to a quarantine period and standard deworming medications before sale as a preventive measure.

What is the result?

These practices help ensure in the rare occurrences of sickness, that sickness does not spread to other fish. It also ensures that fish coming into our fish room are healthy, and will stay healthy once they go to you in their forever homes. You can rest assured that corners are never cut when it comes to fish health.