Betta Restock Notice

We are excited to announce the date and time of our next restock! 
We will have new fish posted on Saturday March 11th at 12pm Pacific Time 
(1pm Mountain Time, 2pm Central Time, 3pm Eastern Time)
Here is a general idea of what we will be restocking:
  • Marble Halfmoons
  • Platinum Dumbo Halfmoons 
  • Yellow Galaxy HMPK
  • Marble HMPK
  • Marble Copper Crowntails
  • Marble Veiltails
  • Yellow Koi Veiltails
  • Long Finned Hybrids (aliens)
  • Alien Male Bettas
  • Giant HMPK Bettas
We will continue to post preview photos of the exact fish that will be available on the restock day on our social media! Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to see more photos of what fish will be available!
Here are some of the available fish:

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