Shop Update - Next Restock

We are getting in a new shipment from Thailand at the end of this month!

Our next restock is Saturday April 8th (4/8/23) at 12pm PST

Here is a brief look at some of the types of fish we are importing and will have available:


  • Guppies (5 different colors, will be offered in pairs)


  • Blue Imbellis (males and pairs)
  • Green Imbellis (males and pairs)
  • Yellow Splendens (males and pairs)
  • Blue Guitar (pairs only)
  • Mahachai Green (males and pairs)
  • Green Aliens 
  • Blue Aliens
  • Copper Aliens
  • Copper Smaragdina (male only)


  • Dragon Armageddon HMPK
  • Yellow Koi Galaxy HMPK
  • Candy Galaxy HMPK
  • Copper Black HMPK
  • Red Koi DTPK
  • Yellow Koi DTPK
  • Candy HM
  • Blue Rim Halfmoon
  • Candy DTHM
  • Candy CTPK
  • Yellow VT


HMPK = Halfmoon Plakat

HM = Halfmoon

VT = Veiltail

DTHM = Doubletail Halfmoon

DTPK = Doubletail Plakat



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